Windows 7 for Automotive

Suppliers of auto manufacturers are now able to enhance the driver’s car experience while maintaining them connected through windows and their vehicle. Service and technology it’s what windows has now to offer, delivering resources that will help all the vehicles manufacturer increase customer loyalty by providing new services such as enabling updates of the software attached to the vehicle. Microsoft it’s helping big brands like Ford, Fiat, Kia and Nissan. Investment was made to help suppliers and car manufacturers connect car drivers with different type of services and new devices.windowsforautomotive

Windows 7 for automotive has been in development for more than 10 years and working with manufacturers of automobiles on every part of it. It will also help to auto collision companies perform faster services.  Windows 7 was designed to be an operating system for the vehicle giving the option to help in upgrades and performances of the car driver experience, with now third-party options available.

Automotive windows 7 goes beyond the everyday entertainment of the vehicle, it comes with tools to show solutions that track the performance of the car, maintenances needed, and able to track the car when someone is driving it.


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